Artists, Ohrenschmaus – I 12. May 2010

Tonic Train Sarah Washington (UK) & Knut Aufermann (DE)
mobile radio
Tonic Train

Tonic Train nennt sich das Duo Sarah Washington und Knut Aufermann, die seit sieben Jahren musikalisch zwischen den abstrakten Welten des circuit bending und des Feedbacks pendeln. Angeregt von experimentellem Radio, haben sie immer mehr mit Antennen bestückte Aufnahmegeräte in ihr Live-Musik Set-up integriert. Sarah Washington ist eine Künstlerin, die mit Klang und Radio arbeitet. Die ehemalige Direktorin des London Musicians’ Collective half bei der Enstehung des Radiosenders Resonance 104.4 FM mit. Für Performances kreiiert sie elektronische Instrumente mit circuit bending toys, Ultrasonic Geräte und Radiotechnologie. Sarah macht innovative Radioarbeit, schreibt Artikel über Radio und Klangkunst und leitet Workshops für kulturelle europäische Institutionen. Sie half bei der Initierung des internationalen Netzwerks von unabhängigen Radiostationen namens Radia mit. Seit 2005 ist sie mit dem europäischen Radio und Klangkunstprojekt Mobile Radio unterwegs. Knut Aufermann hat Chemie, Tontechnik und Sonic Arts studiert und wurde stark durch seine Zeit als Manager der Londoner Kunstradiostation Resonance 104.4 FM geprägt. Nach zwei Jahren nomadischer Tätigkeit lebt er zur Zeit als freier Musiker und Radiokünstler in Köln.

Pierre-Laurent Cassiere (FR)
Pierre-Laurent Cassiere

As a sound artist, Pierre-Laurent Cassière considers sound, acoustic fields and vibrations, as a
medium relating bodies and space through dynamic relationships. Out of a musical approach,
his sound installations, performances or devices deal with perception limits and aim to offer very
specific ways of listening. In his creative game, theoretically and practically related to history of
the media, analogue or digital audio-visual technologies become a matter to understand,
reorganise and reinterpret. Along with his sound research, Cassière develops expanded cinema
installations in which the deconstruction of cinematic systems and their placement in-situ offer
abstract and poetical experiences based on noise and light motion.

George Bagdasarov (CZ)


“I was born an Armenian in 1978 to the sounds of rockets taking off into space from Kazakhstan. I never boarded any of those rockets, and spent all my life living in various locations throughout Eurasia. Now I live in Prague.
I began my studies at the technical university in Kaluga, then studied at the musical academy in Moscow, and later at the St. Petersburg film school. Today, I am a doctoral candidate at FAMU in Prague.
I have made various films as well as musical and visual works. I have even worked as a taxi driver. Some things have earned me awards, others haven’t. But I have enjoyed them all.
What I do, I do as a nomad. I don’t just move from place to place, but also from one field to the next. And sometimes I discover new pastures where I stay awhile.”

Yann Leguay (FR),

Yann Leguay , born in 1981 France, lives and works in Brussels. His approach to sound design for installation, performance and film centers on the materiality of sound. Both a visual artist and sound maker, and reverse, he has participated in numerous exhibitions including «Radiodays» at deApel Amsterdam, «Le Nouveau Festival» at Centre Pompidou in Paris and «French May» in Hong Kong. He also composes sound tracks for short films, as Planet A of Momoko Seto (2008).
In different projects, Cutter-Off / Wireless / Never-Record / RadioFreeRobots, he regularly performs live improvisation in concert places and multimedia festivals.
He is directing a DRIFT serie on the ArtKillArt label and he edited his sound work on Phonotopy .

Ulrich Troyer (AT)

born in Innsbruck (A) in 1973
raised in Tyrol, Vorarlberg (A) and Southtyrol (I).
living in Vienna (A) since 1992
working as freelance musician & artist
member of the vienna vegetable orchestra since 2005
favorite comic strip & film: PERSEPOLIS by Marjane Satrapi
passport & stomach: Italian
favorite drink: coffee

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